You Decide: Which Version Do You Most Prefer?

Crochet Waves AfghanIn the Rainbow Waves Afghan that I am working on. It’s a free pattern by Red Heart.

The pattern calls for using only back loops. After doing the Ocean Waves Afghan, I know many people exclaimed their distaste for back loops.

Without expressing bias, I have to admit… doing the back loops on the ocean waves was a bit slow. I think because these stitches are not increasing or decreasing, I don’t find them much of an issue on this afghan.

Rainbow Waves Afghan by Red Heart

After reading some initial comments about the look of my sample. People were wondering what the afghan would look like if there was no back loops.

So here we have the project. On the right of the photo is the pattern using the back loops. Starting from the last pink to the left of the photo is the same pattern using regular stitches.

So what do you think. Would you back loop it as per the pattern or do you like it as regular stitches without a raised texture look?

I know I prefer. Leave me a comment below sharing your thoughts.


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185 Responses to You Decide: Which Version Do You Most Prefer?

  1. Sally Swaine says:

    I also prefer the back loop like. It is time consuming but so worth the effect that it creates.

  2. LindaK says:

    I prefer using the back loops only ~~ not only when the pattern(s) calls for it, but on other patterns to give the finished item a much more interesting look. I bought a lovely ripple afghan kit with pattern from Annie’s Attic. I thought I would have a tough time because it looked like it was soooo complicated. When I read the pattern, it was NOT complicated and it used only the back loop stitches which gave it that lovely, complicated look. I’ve now made several of these, and they are always received with such awe and appreciation.

  3. Amy says:

    I must confess the first time I worked on a project with back loops it threw me for a loop! But after struggling only a little while it became very simple to see that loop clearly and slip my hook right on through. I love the look it gives this afghan, gives it a ‘personality’ so to speak. Hooray for back loopers :):)

  4. Corry says:

    Definitely back loops!

    When I learned to crochet as a child (at school) we always used back-loops (or rather front-loops) only. It wasn’t until some years ago that I discovered that this way is an exception to the standard rule – never to old to learn, I guess. 🙂

  5. LindasueS says:

    I love using back loops. More texture, more depth.

  6. Jean Cummins says:

    When my grandmother taught me to crochet years ago the back loops was the only way I would do a project. I never knew to go through the two loops. I really like the look of the back loops for this project.

  7. Laurie Hartos says:

    I think the back loops look much more distinctive. For those who prefer not to use back loops, I would suggest making the color changes noticeable.

  8. They both look great, but, it depends on what look you are going for. With the back loops – the stitches, rows, colors appear to be more pronounced. Whereas, stitching both loops, they melt together, a sort of blurry indiscriminate way.

  9. I love both but the back loops wins it for me! x

  10. Cyndy Cisel says:

    I love the look of the back loops! They are both really pretty, but I prefer the back loops.

  11. back loops for me…more interesting

  12. I really like the back better for this pattern. I was one of the people who said the right side was the top one. To me, it just looked smoother. Carolyn :o)

  13. Terry says:

    Love the backloop look

  14. Betty Plemmons says:

    Definitely would do this in the back loops…. but both looks are great!!

  15. Helen says:

    they are both equally nice for their own reasons

  16. toni says:

    maybe it’s my eyes but i would need to see 2 complete samples using same color pattern to get a true measure of the look to be able to judge.

  17. Puanani White says:

    I use the back loop on a lot of projects because I like the texture it gives the project. I will do both depending on the project. Mahalo for all your tips, hints and general comments. I really love your site

  18. wildzan says:

    I personally love the texture that back/front loop, or even back/front post, stitching gives a project. Post stitching can add time to a project, since it decreases the overall row/round height, but it is a more dramatic look than just back or front loop. I will sometimes even mix it up with some of each! It’s all a matter of preference and the look you want to achieve on the project.

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  20. Catherine Lemanski says:

    I like the back loops. This is what the pattern is all about.

  21. Debbie Boggie says:

    Definitely back loops- I love the texture!!!

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