Parking Wars: Life Lessons

Parking Wars TV Show

I’ve just finished watching all 4 seasons of Parking Wars on Netflix. What a highly addictive show about watching people get ticketed, booted and going through hell at the impound lot. 

Firstly, I think I soaked up the drama on this show with people suffering the misery of the PPA. However, I think I have admiration for the main characters for having to endure a job such as that. I can’t help but love the dynamic dual Sherri & Garfield. 

In all the misery of what people are going through. For me, I live in a town of 5,000 people and don’t have to deal with this at all. Philadelphia and Detroit are no different than any other congested cities. Parking is scarce, rules are there and people are enforcing them.

I learned a lot from this show, while being seduced by the cheesy music and graphics. I have to say though, I really enjoyed how each episode was themed up. 

Few Comments I Had:

  1. I think some of the rules are not common knowledge. I am 39 years old and never knew about the parking meter rules of which one belongs to you. So I learned something. 
  2. I’ve never heard of booting before or even what that was. That was news to me. 
  3. Seeing some out of state & country tourists getting stuck at the impound lot really opened my eyes. I’m already nervous about visiting the United States and driving in that country. Seeing that re-affirmed my fears about visiting the United States. 
Thoughts About The PPA Impound Lot Location:
  1. It would suck to work there with so much animosity and abuse you would take on a daily basis. 
  2. I think the PPA Impound Location needs some serious upgrading in services. To have people waiting in line, only to get something from their car or small stuff is non-sense. I think most of the frustration can be avoided by setting up a two tier operational system.
  3. They need more windows to help people but they should set up a station where paperwork and etc is checked immediately upon arrival. This person would not release the car but would verify documents are in order before waiting in a long line first. Very much like a hospital when you check in. 
  4. This station could be used to give out parking lot clearances as well to get registration and insurance out of the car instead of having to wait in the same line where people are trying to get clearance. 
  5. There’s clearly a lot of paperwork involved which slows the process down. However, you can be sure that tempers would not flare as bad as people wouldn’t have to wait in excessive lines only to find out they don’t have the right paperwork on hand. 
  6. The PPA Impound Location should have the decency to be humane and provide adequate rest rooms at the facility. 
  7. The PPA Should provide standing height skinny tables to take notes or write things on when contacting other authorities or insurance agencies.
  8. The excuse that no chairs are provided due to people throwing them is unacceptable. Some nice steel benches that are screwed to the floor would solve that. 
  9. It’s joked about the waiting time, I think for the sake of the employees, the PPA should provide amenities and some comfort in the lobby to keep people calm in an already difficult situation.

Finally, in a road trip I took a couple days ago. I went through my glove box to ensure I have all my paperwork. Like any normal person, I just tossed my insurance slip in without putting it with the registration. I had several expired cards but I am insured and had the right one. 

This show taught me to ensure I am legal and have all my paperwork with me in the car instead of taking it for granted that I would never be in an accident or be towed. 


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