UHaul Dealer Tells Me… “I’m Sh.. out of Luck!”

UHaul TruckFrankly, I am stunned with the shitty customer service I have recently received from UHaul. I have seen the crappy reviews before ordering a truck but it seems I am one of those fabulous statistics that has received top notch shitty service with a smile! 

So here’s the gist… I needed a truck to go to Toronto… drop it off, and then repick another truck to come back a few days later. Both are booked in advance. 


I called the local UHaul and what an arrogant ass on the phone. You can tell I have interrupted his day. It’s no wonder, he’s a dealer with doing UHaul on the side. In asking questions he knows very little. He is not very helpful with information on what I need to do and how things work. When is the truck usually ready and so many other questions. Even though he booked me, he was unable to help me with specific questions. I was directed to a 1-800 after booking to have my questions answered.

Until the day before I left… I didn’t know exactly where my truck was going to be because the pre-booking guy says there is no guarantee of truck availability on the day I wanted even though it’s a week in advance. I was worried because I am relying on a truck to be available but not 100% sure that I will have a truck. 

The First Location and Trip

  • The First Location I picked up took me 25 minutes to get the paperwork completed. He was unaware I was coming and nothing was prepped. The gentlemen, though nice, is extremely slow on the computer and at times I wondered if he had ever seen the order entry screen of Uhaul before. On a time schedule to be on time for the Metro Toronto Convention Centre, I was getting stressed. I was limited by the time opening of this location so I am working within their scheduling. 
  • The gauge was at 3/8 full and I know it’s my responsibility to put the fuel back to that level. On the way down I put in 45.12 Litres into the tank. When I fueled the truck, the gas gauge jumped up significantly. 
  • I dropped off my belongings and headed to the location that I was pre-assigned. When I got there, they told me their lot was too small to have the truck there and re-routed me to another UHaul Location. 
  • I am now driving to the new location and my time for setting up at the Metro Convention Centre is dwindling.
  • When I got to the drop off location… I was slightly below on my fuel. The guy wouldn’t accept it and was going to charge me $45. It was barely enough to worry about. 
  • I put in 10.214 to bring it up knowing what 45 Litres did earlier. When I left the gas station… it appeared the gas gauge didn’t move. 
  • I got back to the Uhaul minutes later. He said it was unacceptable and I got sent back to the gas station. 
  • I put in another 10 Litres and checked it before going inside to pay. The gas gauge didn’t move. So I filled in more gas to bring this second trip to 22.727 litres. The gas gauge barely moved. 
  • At this point, I have put in 32.941 Litres and the gas gauge has barely moved. I drove back and I am really pissed now because I know something is definitely wrong. The guy back at Uhaul still is looking at the gauge questioning it and it’s barely moved but hovering on the line that he could reject me a third time. 
  • In talking to the guy back at Uhaul. He says it’s a big tank. I told him it doesn’t make sense because 45 Litres earlier in the day made it jump significantly. 
  • After an hour wasting my time with this… I’m pissed and my time is winding down. I told the guy I object but he says in a round about way too bad and call UHaul. 

Second Trip:

  • So we get to the location for the pick up. They are great. The service is fab. 
  • Problem after we got in a drove off the lot. The Check Engine light is on. Without a cell phone we kept going and drove all the way home like that. 
  • Knowing that 45 Litres wasn’t enough as it made the gauge go a hairline under what it should be, I fueled up 50.287 Litres and drove home. 
  • At the end of the journey. There was still extra fuel in the truck and I didn’t have to refill.

In speaking to the drop off location. I asked him what the procedure is to resolve the gas gauge issue. He says I could try calling the 1-800 number but chances are nothing will be done about it. 

So here’s the FACTS… I drove approximately 200-220 KM to Toronto and eventually drove the same distance coming back on my second trip. 

  • I fueled 45.121 Litres
  • Fueled again because I was slight short of 10.214 Litres
  • Because gauge didn’t move I had to add another 22.727 to get the gas gauge to move a hair line. 
  • TOTAL GAS LITRES GOING DOWN was 78.062 Litres

So here’s the Facts… TRIP BACK

  • I fueled once only and put in 50.287 Litres
  • I had extra fuel left in the truck.

There is a 27.775 Litre Usage Difference between one trip and the other though each trip is nearly identical to each other. Knowing the gas gauge wasn’t working right. I got ripped off and was forced to spent another $33 on fuel that was never used. 

If a dealer tells me I am shit out of luck… it doesn’t give me the vote of confidence in UHaul. I told the dealer that this will make me reconsider not using UHaul again in the future, he said “I don’t blame ya!” Something is definitely wrong with UHaul if their own dealers don’t even advocate on behalf of the consumer when there is clearly an issue. I guess that’s why I am really shit out of luck. Clearly the consumer is out on their own. 

I have launched a complaint to UHaul and I am interested to see if I am really out of luck. The mathematics and my receipts speak for themselves. 

Any good business sense would rule something is wrong here and to make up the wrong doing when the facts speak for themselves. If I hadn’t done the same trip back, I wouldn’t had proof of this situation. 


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