Are Store Sale Signs Great or Showing Us The Extreme Mark Up Of Products?

Are Sale Signs That Great?

I admit… I’m a price shopper… A NOW ON SALE sign will get my blood pumping and automatically I am thinking of the money I am saving… So what’s the problem.

So what’s the problem here… well what if you needed something that wasn’t on sale. You know a sale will happen but of course they won’t ever tell you that… and if it does go on sale, the store may not have enough in stock to begin with.

Diva Dan and I were looking for an electric lawn mower.

  1. Diva Dan doesn’t want to use GASOLINE and cause more pollution with mowing the grass.
  2. He’s hit a rock with our lawn mower and I think busted the internal gears. It still works but sounds like a farm tractor.
  3. Our current lawn mower is doomed for the dump.

So we were looking at Canadian Tire to buy a new mower. (It’s like a Home Depot but Canadian Version). They have this 14″ Lawn Mower for $159.99 but we think it’s a bit too narrow! So we decide to continue to shop for the next size up… but the next size up is regular price and we don’t want to spend that type of money at this time.

I was looking for the Canadian Tire flyer and seen that 14″ mower again but the price has dropped to $90.00. With taxes, the price savings is nearly $80.00.

Which brings me to my point!

If I was compulsive, I would have bought the lawn mower for $159.99 plus Taxes = 181.00. and Merely 3 days later the flyer comes out saying the price had an $80.00 price drop for THIS WEEK ONLY!  I turned to Diva Dan and told him… if we would have bought it… we would have just been ripped off by $80.00.

When I see a sale sign… my immediate reaction is… OH LOOK… They can drop the price by $80.00??? Does this mean there was that much mark up in the product to begin with. We’ve all heard of loss leaders could this have been one of them?

I bought a mixer that day for $12.00, regular price $40.00… they were having a sale… dropping the price $28.00… YES I BENEFIT in buying it on sale like this… but for those who purchased the mixer at regular price… did they just get screwed over?

So I am thinking it’s working like this… IMPORTED FROM CHINA equals really cheap but REALLY HIGH MARK UP… Charging the suckers who pay full price are compensating for those like me who are waiting for the sales.

Diva Dan’s Counter Top Mixer was $100.00 off the price… so how can they drop a price $100.00 in the first place? Wouldn’t they have been better off to lower the regular retail price and sell more of it, instead of few at a higher cost.

I believe what Donald Trump says and don’t quote me on this… “You can make more money selling stuff at a reduced price by selling more volume than you would selling it at a regular price and selling few!”

What do you think? Are We Being Scammed?


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3 Responses to Are Store Sale Signs Great or Showing Us The Extreme Mark Up Of Products?

  1. jason says:

    Perhaps they are. I suppose it depends on the industry. I’d guess unnecessary or luxurious things are marked up more. I don’t know for sure. Some things like groceries (basic foods, not highly processed) only bring a 1-2% profit. More processed foods will bring a higher makeup, perhaps because it’s not a necessary food (think pop, why shouldn’t that be marked up) or perhaps because of the logistics of further processing and marketing. Health insurance has also only brought a profit of 1-2%. I’m not sure where that’s going. Some things just don’t make much money. I’m thinking that with your examples, those were loss leaders with the idea of getting you in the store so that you bought lots of other stuff “as long as your there”. Delayed gratification can really help you in the long run. That long run may be quite a while. With your mower, you could have been waiting for a year just as easily for that same deal.

    I hope this helps. Take care.

  2. We are always being scammed because we have been bamboozled to think of a sale as a great thing. The problem is that “they” will always sell us the cheap stuff coming out of China because its good business, (for them) shame on them and us for allowing it. I am glad you had the insight to see the game and how it is being played on us. Thanks for sharing. The longer we allow “them” to sell us cheap and poor quality from China the long we continue to get ripped off!

  3. dana fields says:

    yes! i worked in a craft store for just over a year. we would get very large trucks weekly and at christmas it was 3 trucks weekly. the product is supposed to (by law) be on the sales floor for at least 30 days before it goes on sale, but due to corporate cuts, we didnt have the crew for that. the sales ad would come out and the night before, it was our job to make sure that the product on sale was at least on the floor. going directly from the box to the shelf at 25 to 60% off. you tell me the public isnt getting ripped off. it didnt take me long to realize that paying full price for ANYTHING was wrong!

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