Medical Industry Knickel & Diming Patients With Insurance Policies

I am fortunate enough to be covered by Medical Coverage but the medical coverage has a yearly CAP on how it may go. I’ve worked long and hard at the same company for 7 years. I have earned my way up the Medical Coverage Plan to be higher than what it would be if I was new.

I learned through the years not to declare I have insurance when it comes to certain medical perks that are covered by my insurance. Most times, the price is different if you declare you don’t have insurance. I hear the word “DISCOUNT” given when they don’t think you have insurance and the price can drop significantly.

I find this price drop to be morally and ethically disgusting! If they can do it for the price drop, why are they not charging that in the first place to someone who has insurance. Some places take advantage of patient’s health coverage.

THINK ABOUT THIS… WHO IS REALLY LOOSING OUT??? Is the insurance company loosing or is it really you?

Say your plan is 80% covered… if the doctor raises the prices knowing you have health coverage, you are content that you still only pay 20% of the bill… so few people question it.

Say your plan covers 100% of it… if the doctor raises the prices, why would you care knowing the insurance pays it.

LIKE ME… I have a set rate that is given to me each year. Trust me… If I get $1000.00 of coverage, I pay half of it throughout the year in my paycheck. So the perk for me is that I get $1000 to spend but I have to buy $500 of it, even if I never use it.

Most places have a CAP on how much can be spent on certain expenses… Say your situation only allows $500.00 to be used in the year… ONCE you get to $500 you are CAPPED OFF and wait for the fiscal end of the year… SO I QUESTION… WHY ON GOD’S GREEN EARTH WOULD YOU TELL YOUR DOCTOR YOU HAVE INSURANCE…

IF THEY DROP THE PRICES KNOWING YOU HAVE NO PLAN, AND YOU DECLARE IT TO YOUR INSURANCE ON YOUR OWN… YOU HAVE JUST SAVED A TON OF MONEY! And have money left over to be able to use it again if you didn’t hit a cap!

I asked for a quote today… NO ANSWER… the doctor asked me… DO YOU HAVE INSURANCE… and I said No… he says fine, we can give you a discount to help you!

The doctor isn’t robbing the insurance provider, they are robbing the patient by inflating the prices to hit CAP AMOUNTS FASTER THAN IT SHOULD!  THE PATIENT is the one loosing out…


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1 Response to Medical Industry Knickel & Diming Patients With Insurance Policies

  1. doctorblue says:

    You are lucky that your doctor gave you a discount when you told him you did not have health insurance. I live in the Washington, DC area. Some doctors told me that they have to charge what they called “the cash payers” 150% of their normal charges to make up for the negotiated insurance premium discounts they had to give those with medical insurance. Not all the doctors I saw were that cold hearted, but the ones who felt sorry for me and only charged me $90 rather than $180-$360 for the office visit, pretty much limited their visit to writing a prescription without doing any tests or investigating whether I had co-infections that also needed to be treated. Don’t get me wrong. I was profoundly grateful for the discount and the prescription which I really needed. I just feel that there is something ethically wrong with the entire system as it is. And yes, the patient is one loosing out…
    Doctorblue (I became disabled unnecessarily at age 50 when the doctors I saw made me a hot potato, then forgot to diagnose or treat me. Some of my experiences are relayed in my blog

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