Michael Moore – Capitalism – Canadian Perspective

I subscribe to Michael Moore’s Fan Page site… it’s one of the few that I do follow. I am interested in Politics and it’s interesting to watch what happens in the USA because eventually the same corruption or policies will sneak into our political system here in Canada.

Firstly, I think it takes a lot of guts to produce the films he does. In one corner you have full throttle supporters while in the other corner you get the people who need the silence to do what they do. Wouldn’t it be fascinating if Michael Moore was assinated one day… all because he is undercovering the political garbage going on. Of course, I don’t wish that upon Michael, but people do have a way of snuffing out others.

This film, like many of his others, make me question on the control of what we are under. He portrayed the majority of workplaces as a dictatorship because as employees we have no say in the financial decisions and more. I guess, like me, I put trust in my employer to be honest and truthful. I’ve been burned by believing this in another place and totally regret ever working for this other place… lesson learned.

I receive a lot of email of hardship with fellow viewers through Mikeyssmail. Many viewers have been very verbal about their ordeals with banks, was eventually evicted with no place to go. I have been in the USA a lot more than people realize. I spent nearly 3 years travelling throughout the USA in a transport. My GAWD, I have never seen such dispair in certain parts of the USA. Houses practically falling down with people still living inside… but proudly fly the American Flag in their front yard. Like many, wishing & hoping for change I suppose. In talking with citizens, they believe Canada is the same way and that Canadian Culture is Corrupted. Many people I talked to don’t believe that a multi-cultural society can be peaceful. In all the years of trucking, while the Iraq thing happened, I would question people on their view… In three years I only talked to one person who believed the USA was right… which led me to question… WHO IN THE HELL HAS VOTED?

Being in Canada, this type of thing can happen here… our day time television has American Channels and you see nothing but Education Commercials, followed by Lawyers telling you to look around you and sue someone, and then followed by Re-Mortgage and Consolidate Debt. However, this practice is seen as beneficial, so Canadian Companies are starting to follow suit. They seen the financial kick back from these practices. To Canadians, Americans are stereotyped as “People who sue over everything!”. I don’t think it’s natural but when advertising is forever in your face, you are just following along with what you have been told to do and see financial reward for doing it.

With several thousand people following me on You Tube… we have people from all walks of life. Some people have been fortunate and others are in the middle of despair. I don’t know what class I am in actually. I don’t have a house, nor any assets that have any value. I live comfortably through good personal choices. My Credit Card is not a GET OUT OF JAIL FREE CARD… I use it, pay it and then use it again. Unfortunately, many of us don’t have that same situation happen. Payday is still 5 days away and you are broke, there are no other choices… I was like this last Spring when my last partner took off… I was so broke… I would pay for my half of stuff on a credit card and then use my Paycheck to pay off the balance at payday.

I have been quoted saying… “WELL these people who faced eviction or despair, how much of it is bad judgement and how much is it corporate screwing over the little guy!” After this movie… I can see it more clearly to what is happening… It doesn’t make me more afraid but it does question my trust in banking institutions.

I get why I am faced with so many people telling me to do things, some bossing me around on what I need to do my tutorials on… and to do it for free… I am teaching something that can be done with miminal investment. People don’t have the money. and Don’t get me started on COMMUNICATION COMPANIES… MICHAEL MOORE SHOULD TARGET THOSE! Your communication, TV, Internet, Cell Phone and etc shouldn’t equal the cost of your monthly mortgage each month!

I just wonder… if there is really anyone can do about all these people loosing their homes or job loss… I do wonder… if someone high up is benefiting from stomping all over these people. I think that scares me more than anything. Who is really in control? We can know about what is wrong… but what can we do about it.

I know myself, I have boycotted certain businesses because of what they have done… but big businesses tend to own little ones too without you knowing about it. I guess it’s up to me how informed I want to be and then act upon it.



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