A Lady Friend Depressed Due Employment Change

I have a lady friend who is struggling with depressive states of mind due to an employment change. She used to be a woman of power for a company, but now due to economical changes, she has moved into a retail floor settting. Essentially, she has moved from a position of control to a position where her opinion means nothing. The level of respect has gone from top notch, to she can be replaced in a second should she say “NO”.


So what’s the advice you would give to a person in her situation?

Essentially, she has to continue to raise her children and pay the bills. She is too proud and doesn’t want to rely on public assistance because she feels that even working for McDonalds is better for exposure to new opportunities than it is to sit at home and wait. I am motivated by her stamina; however, there’s a personal price to pay here…

“How Much Is Dignity Worth To You?”

You can’t encourage someone like her to quit? Quitting means failure. The other day, she was being screamed at by her boss over the most little detail. In an office setting, it is unncessary for a boss to come at you screaming at the top of their lungs. In an office setting, you more than likely will have your share of the conversation to give feedback. In this case, she was screamed at and the boss walked away not letting her explain her position. She seen an opportunity for time savings and acted upon it. Time savings which benefits the owner, but the owner is set in their ways that the way it’s always been done is the right way.

Since that moment, any hope she had at this employer has been shattered. Her eyes glued onto the job banks when she gets home. She’s not going to quit unless she finds something else… but life is tough and jobs are hard to come by.

The upside is that she can work and meet people and keep passing the word. She’s a power house lady and people know her for that… when they see her stocking shelves, they are going to be wondering why and allowing conversation to flow. My guess is that she won’t be there long and to use that as an opportunity to be in the public eye. Next time the boss yells at her… she is unable to respond because the way the company is run, but she will have the satisfaction knowing that she will eventually give her notice as she doesn’t see long term in this kind of treatment.

She heard the place was a revolving door of employees, now she knows why… and it may even second guess herself from shopping there in the future.


About Mikey, The Crochet Crowd

I am Mikey, owner of The Crochet Crowd Blog. I'm a 'hooker' at heart with the passion to crochet. I am from Ontario Canada and teach how to crochet online through YouTube Video Tutorials. From a simple idea and being at the right place and time in my life back in 2008, the concept of The Crochet Crowd was developed. I'm here to hook and share. Come follow my crochet journey and share yours with comments here and you are most welcome to share your creativity within our Facebook page.
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3 Responses to A Lady Friend Depressed Due Employment Change

  1. Dick says:

    Tell her to keep her eyes and ears open.
    I remember a lady like that and the boss used
    to say to her that she could be replaced by a monkey.
    She had a good job offer several times from another company
    over the years.
    She finally had enough and took the offer.
    When she gave her 2 week notice, the boss didn’t want
    her to quit. “Who will I get to replace you?”
    She said, “Hire the monkey!”
    He had yelled at her for the last time. She couldn’t take it any more.

  2. Pauline Underwood says:

    I appreciate her concern about wanting to feed her family and remain in the public eye for possible networking contacts, but this is having a devastating affect on her mental/emotional/spiritual health. I wonder if there is a workplace health and safety board, or whatever it’s called, that she can go to. Is the store part of a chain? Does this abusive, bullying employer have a supervisor that the employee can go to for help? I think the woman could go to a counselor for coping tips, because she might need some outside help to get through the abuse until she can find another position elsewhere. Is there a job finding club in the area that she can go to for networking assistance?
    I know that she equates quitting with failure, but I can say from personal experience, that quitting can be a life saver. Has she a family doctor that she can go to? If so, she should go immediately for whatever help her doctor can give her; personal support, medication, if necessary, and the doctor could be a good help if she decides to quit because E.I. will give her sickness benefits for a number of weeks and Ontario Works, if she lives in Ontario, can be very helpful, also. I also wonder if the Canadian Mental Health Association might be a good resource for her, if such exists in her area and she’s from Canada.
    I wish her very well, Michael, and hope that she can find the help that she needs to get some equilibrium back and another job where she is better appreciated and better treated.

  3. Ams says:

    Crazy what power does to persons.. This “boss” seems to think they can treat whomever however and take advantage of the hardships of others. What a real piece. I hope she realizes that with her determination and ambition that things will work out in the end. Bless her heart and wish the best for her!

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