Taxed Twice???? For Computer Disposal?

I recently bought a computer monitor for my new system. To my dismay, I was charged $12.00 for disposal of this product that I am buying brand new???? I’ve never heard of that… Apparently it’s a surcharge now being applied.


Electronics can no longer go to the dump. I support that… whatever they can recycle, all the power to companies doing it… but dropping off a computer at an assigned depot costs money… sometimes up to 1/4 of the original value of the product…

So NOW WHAT??? I’m being charged a surcharge for disposal on a item when I am buying it brand new… and then again at the DEPOT when I go to trash it? I am being double surcharged for the same action…

Is anyone paying attention to this???



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1 Response to Taxed Twice???? For Computer Disposal?

  1. If you are being charged for disposal then you should have left your old monitor with the company that sold you the replacement – there should be no additional charge them.

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