Outside of The Box – October 2009

I’ve been given a couple great opportunities that I wish to share with you.

Firstly, I’ve been given the chance to work directly with our new Sales Representative, Charlie Rushmere. Having him working along with us has sparked such enthusiasm.

Secondly, I’ve been placed in the think tank of Mark and Charlie to expand our marketing ideas. Right now, marketing is in the beginning stages of something great… but now it’s time to focus energy and believe our own message.


Charlie comes to us from a sales background. He sees things from a customer’s perspective. In our case, we can be so involved in the here and now, that we don’t step outside of our situations to see the bigger picture. Charlie’s focus on the customer is something we need to pay attention to.

What we have to pay attention to is our own attitudes. Just because we believe that something will not work, doesn’t mean that its engraved in stone. Maybe the idea is fantastic but needs tweaking with other great minds that we have here.

“Take a look at what you have already and see what else you can do with it!” Many people want to scrap an entire idea and will be stuck in a brain freeze trying to be creative. Build upon existing ideas, it is easier than reinventing the wheel.

Little Rock has a lot to work with already. We just have to ensure the customer knows the level of services they can expect from us.



The second opportunity for me is to be creative in working with marketing strategies. Many people have said that I should look into this field and really develop new ideas.

Here’s the truth, I can’t do it on my own. The majority of my ideas are what I would hope for. My colleagues and friends help mold ideas into sensations.

The real testament to marketing anything is having a story to tell. PEOPLE LOVE FACTS WHEN THE NUMBERS ARE OUTRAGEOUS… but people are bored by facts. What is remembered is “A STORY”. Presentations in the form of Stories are remembered by everyone.

When is the last time you shared a story that was one of those stories you heard but was sitting in the back of your brain for 10 years? Useless information you retained and it became part of a conversation today. That’s exactly what we need here.

Being a marketing strategist, everyone must think outside of the box. “IT WONT WORK” out of your brain.

Also, people need to think beyond themselves. Just cause you dislike the idea or won’t find it useful, you need to put yourself into the position of the customer that you are trying to attract. Something you may do very routinely may be something the customer needs to do as well but you need to show them the way to get the resources.

I remember when the videos came out, someone told me that it will never work. They won’t necessarily bring customers to our door but they are making OUR LOGO and OUR NAME recognizable. Mark can even testify to the amount of calls received from the Driver Recruitment Video that was launched in the summer of 2009. People are watching.

I’m just so tickled that I have the opportunity to use my OUTSIDE OF THE BOX IDEAS… sure they may be wacked, but something in this brain may be the next innovation to the future!


About Mikey, The Crochet Crowd

I am Mikey, owner of The Crochet Crowd Blog. I'm a 'hooker' at heart with the passion to crochet. I am from Ontario Canada and teach how to crochet online through YouTube Video Tutorials. From a simple idea and being at the right place and time in my life back in 2008, the concept of The Crochet Crowd was developed. I'm here to hook and share. Come follow my crochet journey and share yours with comments here and you are most welcome to share your creativity within our Facebook page.
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