Has Wal-Mart Buyers Considered???

Wal-Mart is accessible to nearly most of my viewership. I heard a rumour that the Fabrics section was going to be removed out of the stores. I was told… it comes down to dollars per square foot. There’s not enough sales to justify the floor space. They can put something in the same space that sells a lot faster and with less effort.

My local store (is not a super centre) and it sometimes drives me right up the wall. AND THIS STORE IS NOT ALONE BASED ON WHAT I SEE. It appears that whomever is planning the store layouts. The Yarn areas are near where the stores doors to sales floor are. At my local store… it’s a hit or miss if the Yarn aisle is accessible. Yesterday for example, I went to the store and half of the aisle has received skids from the truck lined up without space between the shelf and pushed tightly together.

It was a good day there to be honest… because a lot of the time, the entire row has skids put in front of the aisle.

In speaking to a store associate yesterday. She says it’s a common problem. Finding people trying to climb over the skids to get to the shelf items. Though they are happy to move them, the question is where? The space is limited.

I relayed the fact that WAL-MART’s Success, in my opinion, is based on impulsive sales. Stuff we don’t need, displayed before our eyes and suddenly we decide to add it to the cart. So if this shelf is buried behind skids, there goes that impulsive nature. Finding an associate is not hard, but for a $5.00 product, its not worth getting them to move them. What happens if you have them move it and realize they are sold out of what you wanted. What a waste of time for everyone involved.

So has anyone considered that maybe the store sales per section is DOWN because of the location? Or the practices to continually use the aisle as a storage arriving skids from the trucks is impacting the store sales. I would be almost willing to bet that when a store executive shows up, this aisle is clear so it’s not a problem.

Many of my viewers state this is a common issue in their locations. I know it’s a problem where I am and in a few surrounding stores close to me.



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