Ignorant Parents At The ROM

Firstly I understand that it’s a day off for all kids until the new year. Secondly, according to museum employees, this is the busiest time for the museums and important for generating revenues.

However, putting away my nice hat… my gawd, some of these parents with children need a good hit in the head. The museum for many is an educational experience that needs to be fully absorbed. There is a great deal of reading and time reflection for the exibits that you see.

For many, including Diva Dan and I… we spent the day photographing stuff. Items behind glass are especially harder to photograph. The museum has done a wonderful job of making sure the lighting is right. To take pictures without reflections.

It’s obvious now… Dinosaurs and Stuffed Creatures (of today) are going to be popular amongst kids. It is obvious that at these two the kids are running, screaming, and carrying on. For Diva Dan and I, we quickly observed, took pictures, and moved along… no big deal.

We went to the Canadian Historical section. It’s full of priceless oil paintings, furniture and more. Clearly, to a child, all of this is boring unless they have a purpose to be there. At one point, it appeared to be 3 five year olds, running and screaming around the exihibits playing hide and go seek. The parents did nothing. How on gawd’s earth could these parents allow their children to carry on in such a place to this level. The parents just went on looking, as their children destroyed the solitude of the place, bumping into people and more on.

Going over to the egyptian area, the kids were again going astray… 10 – 20. Banging on the glass, and leaving finger prints all over it. This destroyed our opportunity to photograph as the finger prints were high and low. The parents, directly behind these children not saying a word! I guess they expect a janitor to clean it up after… but these parents not having any regard for the other guests.

At many points throughout the day, Parents of children were screaming at their kids. Threats of punishment… over and over and over… the kids are ruling the roost. But as the kids react more and more… the parents get louder than the kids themselves, then it has turned from kid annoyance to parents who are completely in disregard of their voice levels and their own behavior. Daniel and I kept saying on and off all day about how lucky we are to have no kids.

I guess it serves us right for being in a public place with that many kids… is the museum for kids? Some parts yes, other parts, they are clearly not interested in and being forced to tromp through it.

There are several signs up, especially where there was no glass to protect the artifacts. Kids were jumping on, and touching stuff with signs of a HAND with a cross through it clearly saying don’t touch. Officials would tell the parents to keep their kids in control and not to touch and the parents were not very happy with the lecture and so giving ignorant attitude to the employees over it.

So is the answer to put everything behind glass? NO… but parents should be held more accountable and maybe removed with their children if they can’t follow the guidelines of the rules. They are there to protect the history, allow an enjoyable experience for everyone.



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