Icy Snowflake Afghan Solution

Michael Sellick

Michael Sellick, Creative Director and Video Host for The Crochet Crowd

In December 2013, I created a video and shared links for the Icy Snowflake Throw.

I received notice that I had to take down the pattern and video. This also included the photo galleries of finish afghans that we were collecting. They were gorgeous afghans and everyone should be so very proud.

Cathy and I have received many complaints from crocheters who were in mid-project that were using the video and were using the pattern online as they hooked and weren’t able to finish before the take down. Thankfully, all responses have been gracious and understanding, though I know most of them are unhappy to have an unfinished project. Thank you ever so much for being so cool. I know you don’t have to be.

Due to reasons that are beyond Red Heart & my control, we are unable to provide assistance, pattern support and restore the video to help you at this time.


You can get help and information pertaining to this pattern, you need to contact patternhelp@maggiescrochet.com. Their online assistance can put you back on the right track. That’s the best solution I can offer you.

Thank you sincerely for your understanding.

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About Michael Sellick

Mikey is the Creative Director of The Crochet Crowd.

48 thoughts on “Icy Snowflake Afghan Solution

  1. I guess I learned a good lesson – print the pattern, watch the video, make notes, slip into protective sleeve, snap into notebook.

  2. The patterns that I find online may produce the same throw, but they are not doing it the way Mikey did in his video. Does anyone have the pattern the way he did it?

  3. WOW that’s so unreal for Mikey to have to take down his video after he puts so much hard work Into these videos ! At least no one is blaming him for some one else’s bad choice ! Glad to see all of his loyal fans being so understanding and so generous in helping each other ! This is a great community of people !!

  4. copyright laws were meant to protect inventors and writers and artists interests but it has gotten so confusing and even mean. It is also so costly to fight a false claim the best that Red Heart can do is remove the pattern and hope that a group like this will assist those that aren’t done finish.

  5. So sorry to hear they did that to you Mikey! Now, knowing you from the videos you do, I’m sure you can come up with another pattern somewhat close to that one and they won’t be able to do anything about it–RIGHT!!!!???!!!! :)

  6. I don’t know why RedHeart decided to discontinue the pattern. I have it printed out & from Mikey’s video tutorial, I was able to understand what to do. If anyone needs help with it, please message me on FB & I’ll try to help you with it. I’m working on one for my daughter & have it just about half finished, but at least I know what to do & can get it finished.

  7. if anyone has a copy of this pattern Icy Snowflake Afghan could you pm it to me here on fb or send it to my email at fmw_jew@yahoo.com I would greatly appreciate it so much.. I’ve learned a valuable lesson. Always get a copy of pattern first or save it to one of my files.

  8. It is truly terrible when things like this happen and crafters are caught in the crosshairs, but we can come together as a group and help each other!

  9. This is so bad, I cannot believe that red heart would do this, They brought your Afghans to life and so many people are buying your yarn because of them. Well Red Heart, no more will I buy another red heart yarn. You do not hurt people, They do not make any money from any of their stuff ……They just love people and share, First time in my lifetime anyone has cared about us learning,, no one through of it .They were first
    Now your just jealous I was buying all my yarn from holly lobby because of The CrochetCrowd I went back to red heart .

    • It is not Red hearts fault. A designer submitted the pattern and two years later another designer filed a copyright claim. Red Heart has to pull the pattern until the court case is resolved. Red Heart may choose not to spend the money to fight it and just keep it down.

  10. Did Redheart say what their problem was with you creating the tutorial/video? I thought you filmed it FOR Redheart – ? Seems unreasonable of them to discourage folks from sharing help in making one of their own patterns. I don’t get it.

      • Hi Mikey. I just checked and the pattern is still available on the Red Heart site as LW3102. I had been planning to download your video, just didn’t get around to doing it. Finally I got some time and started to look for it. Over the last two days I searched for the video on your website, on your You Tube channel, google… but couldn’t find it!! Thank God I checked your blog and found out that you had removed the video. Its a disappointment because I find your videos very helpful, but one does what one has to do. Thanks for letting us know that the video had been removed.

  11. Thank you. I was able to print it too. I sure loved Mikey’s video though. I will miss working from the video because it made it so much easier.

  12. I was just able to download the pattern from the Ravelry archives, so it is still there. You have to be a member (free) to get patterns.

  13. I think I have both a print copy and a PDF copy saved on my tablet. and I know I have a lot of the pattern still stuck in my head. If someone has a question I’d be willing to help since mine is finished.

  14. The pattern is showing up on Ravelry.com. I’ve just printed it out — before Red Heart becomes aware that it is still available there.

  15. Thank you for your honesty. People can learn a lot from you….more than just how to crochet….you are a great example of how to stand up and do the right things in life, and be honest when doing it.

  16. It happens… to have someone as great as you to instruct and help would be most useful for some of their projects. You are gracious people to do what you do ;)

  17. I was wondering what happened to that project. I hadn’t started it yet, thankfully, but wanted to bookmark it for later.

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