Mikey’s Colours of The Year

Mikey's Colour Choices

Mikey’s Preferred Colours of the Year.

If you have been following me all year long. You may have picked up a trend of colours that I accidentally stumbled across. I have done more projects have been done using these three colours than any other colours this year.

Like many websites, the colour of what we see online when choosing yarns may not be the true colour of what is on the shelf. For me, the hot pink version of Red Heart With Love on Red Heart’s Website isn’t the colour I see in the yarn ball. On the website, it’s much darker than it is. You can see by cross comparing my photograph of the Jingle Bells Door Hanger that my Hot Pink and the colour swatch below are different.
I noticed a portion of this colour combination in one of the tutorials I did in March 2012 with the Mermaid Tears Purse. I used grey, dark pink and yellow for that combo. I remember specifically one crocheter’s comment about grey is an underestimated colour to choose. To some grey can look dirty or not very interesting… but that’s why I like it the most. Grey is a great substitution colour to go with many colour combinations without taking away from the look. In fact, I find the grey accents the other colours even more.
I have to admit, I’m really not an over enthusiastic fan when it comes to the pink shades of yarn, contrary to what people may assume about my taste; however, the Hot Pink of the Red Heart With Love line has me hooked.
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