Free Crochet Minion Patterns – 12 Patterns

Minions are hawt right now! We’ve received many requests to locate patterns for Minion themes. I have done some searching and below are my findings.

Here’s the thing, due to copyright laws, I cannot show you a preview of the photograph without getting written permission from the author. Essentially, you will just have to click and see if you like it. Having said that, all of the patterns and galleries are free.

  1. Incredible Crochet Minions Gallery Collection – Gallery Only
  2. Despicable Met Minion Pattern
  3. Small Minions
  4. Purple Minions – On Ravelry, Download for Free
  5. French Maid Outfit Minion – On Ravelry, Download for Free
  6. Minion Hats for your Entire Family
  7. Minion Ear Flap Hats for Kids
  8. Minion Pencil Cases
  9. Minion Play Googles for Kids
  10. Multiple Minions on Craftsy
  11. Minion with Flowers Doll on Craftsy
  12. Simple Minion Me Beanie Hats on Craftsy

Enjoy the free patterns.


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About Michael Sellick

Mikey is the Creative Director of The Crochet Crowd.

4 thoughts on “Free Crochet Minion Patterns – 12 Patterns

  1. Mikey I just wanted t say that this is breaking Trademark by Disney. I have a riend being sued right nw by Disney. All her things have been destryed and she is paying restitutin. Be cautius with Disney

    • Morning Carla… None of the patterns are mine. I don’t have any photos of the projects. This is just a directory list of free patterns I have found online. This is no different than a search engine. Now… if I created the patterns and were giving them out… I’d be in big trouble as you mentioned. Disney is a really tough cookie and I wouldn’t want to mess with them. I see our crocheters all the time doing knock offs of movie characters and I don’t think people really think about the consequences of doing so. Thanks for your constructive feedback.

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